Find The Right Cat Scratching Post For Your Kitty

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Cats are born to scratch! They just can’t help themselves – it is in their nature. The best thing that you can do as their loving owner, is to give them a cat scratching post that makes them forget about your couch or other furniture.

Cute Cats stories and picturesCats scratch things for many different reasons. They use scratching to mark their territory. There are scent glands in their paws that leave a personal odor wherever they scratch. This odor shows other cats that they have ventured into an area that has already been claimed.

Another reason cats scratch is simply for exercise. Cats love to stretch their legs out and pull themselves up with their claws. When they pull themselves up by their claws, they are actually exercising the muscles in their front legs and shoulders. Not only that, they’re stretching their back as well.

Have you ever hung from a bar by your hands? Doesn’t it feel good to stretch out your back every now and then? Your kitty feels the same way.

Okay, you have decided to find the best cat scratching post for your kitty. There are several different varieties of cat scratching devices to choose from. There are tall ones, short ones, and ones that are lay flat on the ground. Typically, the best cat scratching post is one that is tall and sturdy.

The post that you select for your cat should be tall enough so that your kitty can fully extend its legs to get a great, all over stretch – somewhere along the line of 28 inches or higher. Cats enjoy the process of shredding things as well. Considering this, the post that you choose should have some type of covering that cats enjoy such as sisal or carpeting.

Sisal is a material that is very rough and fibrous and will shred under consistent use. After your cat has used your sisal scratching post to some extent, it may show signs of wear and look tattered. Your cat will love this look and continue to scratch at it until there is almost nothing left.

Carpet is another option is usually found covering cat scratching posts. Carpet is generally softer than sisal. Carpet will eventually shred and tear just as sisal does. You may find that your kitty prefers one over the other. Just as we prefer some fabrics over others, your cat will have an opinion of its own too.

Make sure that the scratching post is very stable. If your kitty begins to scratch the post and if falls over, he or she may run away in fear and never return to that particular scratching post. Also, keep the cat scratching post in the area of your home where the cat spends the most time. If possible, provide multiple cat scratching posts for your kitty in different areas of your home.

Don’t try to make your cat stop scratching everything. Give your kitty what it needs for a happy, healthy life. If you provide your kitty with a high quality, cat scratching post, your cat will thank you, and your furniture will thank you as well!